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Top 10 B2B Supplier Collaboration Portal Features

1. Include attachments with a PO sent/received via the supplier collaboration portal. Attachments may include specifications, check lists, diagrams, etc. These attachments may be in the form of a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, JPG, BMP, VSD, etc.

2. Include add-on information with a PO sent through the supplier collaboration portal (e.g. FOB information). This feature is of particular importance with material purchases.

3. Vendor to confirm/acknowledge a PO through a supplier collaboration portal, resulting in a subsequent update to the ERP PO to indicate it was confirmed by the supplier.

4. Vendor to suggest changes to a PO through a supplier collaboration portal. Critical changes include Price, Quantity and Delivery date, Terms and Conditions.

5. Vendor to easily review the orders sent to them and the Purchase Order processing status (e.g. Changes accepted, under review, cancellation, etc.)

6. Easily review the orders being managed via the supplier collaboration portal, and the Purchase Order processing status (e.g. Changes accepted, under review, cancellation, etc.).

7. Accept PO changes proposed by the Supplier, resulting in the creation of an ERP PO Change Order to facilitate PO updating.

8. Reject PO changes proposed by the Supplier.

9. Buyer and the supplier to negotiate PO changes via the supplier collaboration portal until such time as the buyer accepts (most important) or rejects them.

10. Audit trail of accepted and rejected changes be maintained to provide tracking of all communications between Buyer and the Supplier. It is also desirable for proposed changes to be tracked

Are there features missing on this list that you would include? Please feel free to comment and provide your suggestions

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