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Saving Time and Money at CF Industries

B2B Connex has saved approximately 2.5 – 3 hours per day, for each of the buyers in CF Industries’ purchasing department, which has translated into greater efficiencies and significant cost savings for the company.

CF Industries is one of North America’s leading manufacturers and distributors of fertilizer products. Once they made the decision to focus on ‘lean-manufacturing’, they began examining various areas of their company to see if it was possible to increase productivity and reduce waste.

When CF Industries approached B2B Connex to ask how we could help with their goal, we were only too happy to look into the matter.

We found that though CF Industries is a forward-looking company, they were still using a traditional approach to purchasing.

After a discussion and a look at the processes in their purchasing department, we found employees were involved a great number of time-consuming manual tasks each day. We knew these employee tasks could be eliminated through automation, resulting in significant time-savings for employees, increased productivity and reduced costs for CF Industries.

We provided the B2B Supply Chain Collaboration portal as an ideal solution to address the issues at CF Industries.

The portal was implemented at their head office and combines purchasing documents from seven different sites company-wide.

The positive results at CF Industries occurred because of the following changes in the purchasing process:
• Suppliers now enter RFQ Bid data online before it’s entered into Avantis electronically.
• Suppliers must ensure the accuracy of their bid data so time spent re-entering has been eliminated. In addition, re-keying errors by CF Industries employees is no longer possible.
• PO change requests are entered online and only uploaded after approval.
• Suppliers keep CF Industries updated with any changes to delivery dates online and can also negotiate price changes prior to PO acceptance.
• CF Industries can now use Evaluated Receipt Settlement – another way to save time and money.

Because B2B Connex offers extremely flexible solutions, we are always able to find ways of providing time-savings, reduced costs and a significant ROI for all of the companies we work with.

Read the complete CF Industries case study. If you are interested in streamlining your processes, significantly reducing employee hours spent on manual tasks and avoiding costly human error contact us or learn more about B2B Connex solutions.

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