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Save Time and Avoid Mistakes with Automated Expediting

What does your purchasing process look like? If your company has a traditional approach, it will involve a few steps.

First, you’ll send or receive a purchase order. Then you or your vendor has to confirm receipt manually. This actually seems like a fairly simple process!

The problems begin when you have to handle dozens, hundreds or even thousands of purchase orders. Well, most companies involved in purchasing do have to track a large volume of orders over the course of the business year, which can lead to major issues arising.

Besides the time-consuming nature of manual employee tracking, human error can lead to gaps and losses in the purchasing process. These errors cause confusion and frustration and impact both your reputation and your profit picture.

A solution that takes the guesswork out of the process is available: automated expediting.

Automated tracking and notification in the purchasing process removes the possibility for mistakes by employees during their normal day-to-day activities. And a good set-it-and-forget-it system does two things:

1) When something goes wrong, the people that need to know about the problem are informed automatically until the issue is rectified.

2) When the process goes as it should, confirmations are sent to stakeholders so the order can be officially completed.

Features to look for when choosing an automated system:

• Instant and automatic tracking of Purchase Orders
• When there’s no response to a Purchase Order, notifications are sent
• If notifications are missed or ignored, high level stakeholders are informed via email
• Automated reminders are sent prior to delivery date
• If the expected delivery is not made, flags are raised by the system until the delivery has been completed

B2B Connex has created a product designed to increase efficiency, diminish stress and reduce the possibility for error in the purchasing process. We’ve developed an automated system with built-in features that promote seamless communication from the time a purchase order is created through the final delivery of material to the end user.

If you are interested in streamlining your processes, significantly reducing employee hours spent on manual tasks and avoiding costly human error contact us or learn more about B2B Connex solutions.

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