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B2B Direct

B2B Connex Direct is a sourcing automation solution that helps manufacturers transfer electronic information from their ERP system to their suppliers’ and distributors’ ERP systems.

B2B Connex Direct coordinates electronic business communication with key partners through file transfers or direct connectivity to their ERP systems using EDI transactions formatted as either XML or X12. Information such as purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, and payment notifications, are communicated in minutes. The re-keying of information is eliminated and costs are reduced along with the inherent errors caused by re-keying.

Outbound to your partners…

Outbound information such as invoices to distributors and payment status to suppliers or sister plants, are sent from your ERP system to B2B Connex Direct, where they are relayed over the web directly to the computer systems of your partners. Your costs to produce and send invoices to partners are reduced, and costs for your partners are also decreased as re-keying tasks and errors can be eliminated at their end.

Inbound from your partners…

Inbound information such as sales orders from distributors or sister plants, and invoices from suppliers or sister plants, are sent from the partner’s ERP system to B2B Connex Direct, where the information is relayed directly to your ERP system. If you have multiple ERP systems across different plants, B2B Connex Direct will relay the information to the appropriate plant ERP system. Both re-keying costs of sales orders and re-keying errors are eliminated.

Electronic files over the web…

B2B Connex Direct transfers information in electronic file format over the web using SFTP to your trading partners computer. When you send information to your partners, they can receive the information as a file for processing later, or they can create a program to have it immediately entered into their ERP system. On the inbound side, your partners can use B2B Connex Direct from their location or their own software application to send files to your location. SFTP provides secure transmission of data in an encrypted format and B2B Connex Direct logs the transmission on both the inbound and outbound side to ensure completion.

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