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B2B Customer Portal

The B2B Customer Portal for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides your customers an easy to use store front to place orders without the need for contacting a sales representative.

Unlike a typical B2C portal, where all users purchase from a common catalog with standard pricing, the B2B Customer Portal is specialized for B2B needs. Customer specific catalogs and pricing can be specified. There is also the capability to have multiple contacts defined for one company to allow simple identification of receiving and billing contacts.

Sales Order Acknowledgements

Sales Order Acknowledgement history is maintained online so your customers can review current and historical orders. This information can be verified and accepted prior to production to ensure there are no misunderstandings. In addition, a change notification is sent to the customer to keep them informed when your scheduling updates the delivery date. Keeping your customers in the loop means that the information that everyone needs is available when they need it.

Advanced Shipment Notices

Once a shipment is complete an ASN can be sent to the customers receiving contact to inform them of an imminent delivery.


Invoices are also delivered to the customer Accounts Payable contact using the portal.

Return Merchandise Authorization

Customers can generate RMA’s online which are then available for approval or processing by your internal staff.

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