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Corporate Profile

B2B Connex is in the business of helping mid to large sized manufacturers achieve excellence in Supply Chain Collaboration through innovative and affordable software solutions that reduce costs, shorten cycle times, improve customer relationships and increase supplier performance.

Our target market is mid-sized manufacturers across North America with from $25 million to $10 billion or more in annual revenue, although our software can benefit any organization that exchanges a large volume of business documents with supply chain partners (i.e. suppliers, distributors, customers, sister plants). Current B2B Connex clients include Briggs and Stratton, CF Industries, S&S Worldwide, and ArjoHuntleigh.

Our three products are B2B Connex Vendor Portal, B2B Connex Customer Portal and B2B Direct. The B2B Connex Vendor Portal enables the sharing of supply side business documents through a web-based portal, while the B2B Connex Customer Portal adds the ability for your Business-to-Business customers to create sales orders online. B2B Direct is an dEDI module used to directly communicate with to your trading partners electronically over the internet. Both the B2B Connex Vendor and Customer Portals are easy to implement, and support secure two-way document communications.

B2B Connex has been designed to be extremely scalable. The pricing model of B2B Connex makes it affordable even for smaller organizations that may only have one plant and one business document they wish to exchange electronically. But architecturally, the software is designed to support the volume and security requirements of larger companies wishing to exchange multiple business documents across dozens of physical locations or plants. Regardless of the scenario – big company or small – B2B Connex delivers an exceptional return on investment (ROI).

B2B Connex is a privately held company located in a high-tech park in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. B2B Connex was founded by David Kuehner in 2003. David is an experienced executive in the software industry with over 25 years of experience in the areas of procurement, materials management and business-to-business collaboration solutions.