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B2B Connex Advances and Updates

When we developed our product, we wanted to give our partners a complete turnkey solution that helped them communicate right across partner networks with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.

We’re proud of the product we’ve developed and our clients have let us know about some of the time savings and solid ROI they’ve experienced with B2B Connex. But we haven’t been resting on our laurels here in the lab and are constantly seeking feedback and developing new features to ensure our offering is the best on the market. Recently, we’ve updated our product to include some great new modules that make our technology even more valuable to our clients.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve added to our feature set:

Expediting Escalation – We focus on automation to improve efficiencies at client companies. We’ve added a handy feature that notifies the process supervisor when a vendor doesn’t complete an expected action. So, for example, if you don’t receive a delivery when expected, B2B Connex software will send emails until the action has been completed. Set-it and forget it!

B2B Direct – This new module delivers and receives documents in either EDI or XML formats to and from your vendors through a secure FTP. This feature eliminates the need for manual processing and is perfect for high-volume vendors.

Multi Language Option – We understand that you or your partners don’t necessarily operate using the English language. To make sure B2B Connex can operate effectively throughout the world, you can now select a preferred language from a drop-down menu and save it in the user preferences for future use.

Customer Order Portal – We’ve integrated online shopping for your customers! You can provide customer specific pricing and catalogues and your clients can place an order and pay for it online. Notifications of payment, shipment and invoices are also sent automatically.

Attach Document – Now, B2B Connex allows buyers and vendors to attach external files to any document in the system. For example, a packing slip can be attached to a purchase order and to make sure everyone is kept in the loop, an email notification is sent out to all relevant parties to let them know of the update.

Over the years, B2B Connex has kept added new features to our offering to make sure we are meeting the needs of our partners and we’ll keep creating updates based on market insights and feedback from our clients.

If you would like to suggest an update or would like to learn more about our new product features, contact us today!

For more information about how B2B Connex can help you improve collaboration across your partner network, contact us or learn more about B2B Connex solutions.

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