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How Much Time Does An Invoice Match Actually Take?

There are different opinions about how much time an invoice match actually takes. The real difference lies in how accurate you want to be about the historical data in your ERP system. The more accurate you are about your history, the more accurate you can be in the future.

When we help our clients with ROI calculations we usually start with a 60 minute estimate for an invoice match. The reason we use 60 minutes is from past experience. As we have found in other areas, there are often a lot of small manual tasks that people overlook. Keep in mind that a 2 minute task may seem like nothing, but many 2 minute tasks can add up.

When doing an invoice match, there are 2 variables that can differ. One is the number of receipts; the other is the unit cost. Sorting out the number of receipts is often the easier of the 2 problems. Goods were either received or not, with perhaps some items being returned. Sorting out a price difference can be more of a problem. Price change requests are often discussed and approved verbally, with updates not making it back to the Purchase Order in your ERP system. A month later, when the invoice arrives, it is often hard to remember exactly what was agreed upon.

The Easy Way

One simple way to deal with a price difference is to just take the difference and assign it to a variance account. Of course, your accountants will disapprove of this idea. Another simple way to deal with this would be to go to the purchase order itself and change the price “after the fact”. Both of these solutions are simple and they don’t take very much time at all.

The only problem with these 2 solutions is that you have introduced inaccuracies into your historical data. Your current inventory pricing is incorrect since the goods have been entered into inventory at the wrong price. Incorrect pricing in your inventory means that the costing of your finished goods or repairs is wrong. By not correcting the root problem you will continue using the incorrect price for new orders over and over.

The Accurate Way

When investigating the amount of time taken for an invoice match within your organization you need to consider all of the following activities. These may seem trivial, but every minute adds up.

• How much time does it take your accounts payable person to find the match problem through reporting?
• How much time to they take investigating the number of receipts and the pricing?
• How much time does it take to track down and interrupt the buyer when a problem can’t be found?
• How much time does the buyer take looking through old notes or email or trying to remember a conversation from a month ago?
• Is the AP person waiting while the buyer is checking their notes? If so, you are spending the time of two people not just one.
• Do you end up having to call the supplier to discuss the issue? Do they answer the phone right away or do you have to be interrupted a second time when the supplier responds?
• How long does it take to restart whatever tasks were interrupted?
• Once a resolution is determined, how much time does it take to call up the appropriate records in your ERP to make changes?

All of these things take time. A proper ROI calculation needs to take all of these things into account when adding up the time taken.

The Best Way

The best way to deal with invoice match issues is, of course, to reduce the number of invoice mismatches that you have. The only way to do this is to ensure that prices are correct at the time your supplier confirms their orders rather than waiting until invoice time. The best way to ensure correct pricing at confirmation is to implement a system, like B2B Connex, to give your suppliers a way to correct pricing before goods are received.

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B2B Connex: Automating the End-to-End Purchasing Process

Thanks again to our friends at Sourcing Innovation. They have recently posted a new article about B2B Connex and our latest shopping cart product which provides your customers an easy to use store front to place orders without the need for contacting a sales representative.

About B2B Connex Store Front

Sales Order Acknowledgements

Sales Order Acknowledgement history is maintained online so your customers can review current and historical orders. This information can be verified and accepted prior to production to ensure there are no misunderstandings. In addition, a change notification is sent to the customer to keep them informed when your scheduling updates the delivery date. Keeping your customers in the loop means that the information that everyone needs is available when they need it.

Advanced Shipment Notices

Once a shipment is complete an ASN can be sent to the customers receiving contact to inform them of an imminent delivery.


Invoices are also delivered to the customer Accounts Payable contact using the portal.

To read more about Sourcing Innovations review of B2B Connex

For a demonstration please contact us at 1 (866) 317-1951

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Benefits of B2B Connex compared to EDI

How to add efficiency to the procurement department without requiring your suppliers to implement EDI

  • Pricing, delivery and any other negotiation are easy to work within the B2B Connex supplier portal
  • Automatic expediting of a purchase order based on business rules defined per supplier, per plant location
  • Revision control over B2B documents exchanged
  • Viewable worklists to highlight areas of priorities
  • One document source to work with, no knowledge of different standards required
  • Images of products and engineering drawings and msds are available for the supplier to confirm product specifications which in turn improves supplier quality
  • B2B Connex requires no middle service like a VAN (value added network) to exchange business documents
  • Invoice matching is a reduced or totally eliminated by using B2B Connex
  • Works easily with smaller trading partners. Typically trading partners needs infrastructure to handle EDI communications

What are your experiences with implementing EDI with smaller trading partners?

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B2B Connex – Providing efficient purchasing processes for buyers and suppliers

The following describes a typical purchasing scenario between buyer and supplier with the B2B Connex Supplier Portal

1. The supplier is notified by e-mail

Purchase Order Email Notification
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2. The supplier easily navigates from the e-mail to the B2B Connex Supplier Portal application

3. The supplier views the new PO and decides on the appropriate action

B2B Connex Purchase Order
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4. The supplier may request negotiable changes as required. Negotiations can be completed on a price, quantity and delivery date

5. The buyer sees the supplier’s response on a work-list

B2B Connex Purchase Order List
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6. The buyer views the request for a change

7. The buyer acts on the request, and accepts/rejects the change

Buyer Accepts Purchase Order Change
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8. The purchase order change is sent back to ERP from the Portal

The B2B Connex solution provides a simple and easy to use supplier portal to help facilitate a 2 way negotiation between a supplier and a buyer. The solution provides everything a buyer needs to communicate with suppliers while removing:
– paperwork
– faxing
– telephone calls
– confusion
– re-keying

Additionally, the B2B Connex supplier portal provides a process for tracking PO fulfillment and an audit trail of activity, available for reporting.

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