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SRM Software

Highlights of B2B Connex SRM Software

For years we have been providing the most innovative, easy-to-use Supplier Relationship Management Software (SRM) on the market.

Automated planning and communication of your sourcing processes is one of the most valuable aspects of our srm system. PO’s, change orders, confirmations, Kanban replenishment orders, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) visibility, supplier performance reporting, and payment notification are fully automated through the srm portal.

Supplier Relationship Management Software For Medium Sized Businesses

Supplier Relationship Management Software For Medium Sized Businesses

Our state-of-the-art srm solution lets your buyers manage by exception only. You’ll discover that our srm portal dramatically reduces costs and lead times. Additionally, you’ll have new tools for improving supplier performance by collecting information not available in ERP systems. The B2B Connex SRM software is applicable for direct material and also MRO orders, across multiple plants or ERP systems.

SRM Portal For e-Procurement

The true value of our supplier relationship management software is the automated processes from beginning to end. After a purchase order is released, your suppliers get an email notifying them of the order along with automated reminders if confirmation is not given. This relieves your buyers of the burden of monitoring orders and verifying deliveries. Our SRM system enables suppliers to accept, reject and request changes to orders. Your buyers are then notified of the supplier’s actions and, except for approving any change orders, no manual intervention is needed for all data to be sent to your ERP system.

Invoices Match PO’s Thanks To The SRM Solution

Both buyers and suppliers benefit from our supplier relationship management software because they are able to see the most recent version of purchase orders online through the SRM portal rather than searching through old faxes or emails. Issues are settled easily. Price, quantities and ship dates are finalized quickly and the ERP system is updated. Now invoices match PO’s.

Other Benefits of our SRM system

• Initiate quality documents – CAR’s, NCR’s, SCAR’s sent to suppliers
• SRM software informs suppliers of invoice payment status
• Online RFQ bid submission
• Managed specification distribution
• Automated forecasting to suppliers
• Accepts and processes Kanban replenishment signals
• Vendor managed inventory (VMI) updated and transmitted
• Send scorecards monthly, quarterly or annually
• Reduce cycle time
• Increase accuracy
• Using our SRM portal cuts telephone time by automating communications

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Click here to book a demonstration of our SRM system customized for your business. If you have questions call us at 1-866-317-1951 / 1-470-819-3662 to speak with one of our SRM software support technicians.